How It Works

We have three basic ground rules for consignment that we like to call CCK:

Call First, Clean First, Keep to the Limit! Read on for some details on each one of those:

Call First: Please call ahead or message us before bringing in consignments. There are times that we have to take breaks from receiving due to overstock or season changes, so it’s important to know before you go! Another great reason for calling or messaging is to find out what season we are taking. Our seasons run about 1-2 months before the actual outdoor seasons. For example, we take Spring items in February, Summer items in April, Fall items in August, Winter items in September.

Clean First: Make sure your items are clean and ready to go before dropping them off! Clothing and shoe items must be clean and stain-free, with no rips, tears, hair, or excessive wear. Toys and equipment must be clean and in working condition, with working batteries if required. If we have to clean your items or supply working batteries, a $5 fee will be charged to your account. Any items that we cannot accept due to condition, season, or overstock will be donated, unless you request ahead of time to pick them up. If you request this, we will call or text you when we’ve finished sorting your items, and they will be donated if they have not been picked up within three days after notification.  

Keep to the Limit: We take up to one 13gal trash bag of items per person, every three weeks. (This bag limit does not apply to baby equipment like strollers, bouncers, or other large items.) If you choose to drop your items in a small tote, on hangers, or in a box, it must be small enough to easily be carried by one person. We have a lot of consignors with many items each, so keeping to the limit helps give all consignors a chance to have their items displayed and sold in our store.

Boundary Consignments will set the prices, and you will receive 40% cash payment or 50% in-store credit of the selling price of each item after it sells, not including taxes or fees. Items may be discounted for store sales and seasonal changes. You will receive an email each day that you have items sell in our store. Any items not sold after 45-90 days become property of the store, and we will donate them or buy them outright at 75% off the list price. We do our best to safeguard your items, but we are not responsible for damage or loss.

Stop in any time during business hours to pick up your payment or use your store credit! Any pay or store credit left for 12 months will go back to the store. Thank you again for entrusting us with your consignment venture!

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